MCat Past Papers Mcqs For Practice

(1) A field in which the work done in a moving a body in a closed path is zero is called?

(a) Electric field

(b) Conservative field

(c) Electromegnstic field

(d) Gravitational field

(2) when a force is perpendicular to the direction of motion of the body, then work done on the body is?

(a) Zero

(b) Infinity

(c) Minimum

(d) Maximum

(3) Which of the following types of force does not wrok on the particle when it acts on it?

(a) Frictional force

(b) Gravitational force

(c) Elastic force

(d) Centripetal force

(4) The average power and instantaneous power become equal if work is done is?

(a) At any arate

(b) Variable rate

(c) Uniform rate

(d) High rate

(5) Proton, Electron, neutron and a particle have same momentum which of them has highest K.E?

(a) Peoton

(b) electron

(c) neutron

(d) a particle

(6) Work done by variable is determind by dividing?

(a) Force into small interval

(b) Displacement into small interval

(c) both force and displacement into small intervals

(d) Force into small and displacement into large

(7) Work sone by force of friction is?

(A) Always positive

(B) Always negative

(c) positive only for small frictional force

(d) Positive only for large frictional force

(8) If velocity is doubled then

(a) Momentum increases 4 times and K.E increase two times

(b) Momentum and K.e remain same

(c) Momentum increase two time and K.E constant

(d) Momentum increase two times and K.E increase 4 times

(9) The area under the force displacement graph represents ?

(a) Area

(b) Work done

(c) Power

(d) non of these

(10) Which of the following is not conservative force

(a) Friction

(b) Electric

(c) Gravitational

(d) Elastic