MCAT Physics Mcqs For Practice

(1) Rectangular coordinate system is also called?

(a) Polar coordinate system

(b) Cartesian coordinate system

(c) cylindrical coordinate system

(d) Spherical coordinate system

(1) The direction of a vector in space is specified by?

(a) One angle

(b) Two angle

(c) Three angle

(d) no angle

(3) Which of the following statement is correct abbout force and velocity?

(a)  Force and velocity both are scalar

(b) Force and velocity both are vectors

(c) Force is scalar and velocity is vector

(d) Force is a vector and velocity is a scalar

(4) Three coplanar forces acting on a body keep it in equilibrium. They should therefore be

(a) concurrent

(b) non concurrent

(c) parallel

(d) non parallel

(5) A central force is that which?

(a) Can produce torque

(b) Can’t produce torque

(c) Some can produce torque sometime cannot

(d) Has no relation with torque

(6) Five equal forces of 10N each are applied at one point and all are lying in one plane. If the angles between then are equal the resultant force will be?

(a) !0N

(b) 20N

(c) 10 2N

(d) Zero

(7) Torque acting on a body determines

(a) acceleration

(b) linear acceleration

(c) angular acceleration

(d) Direction acceleration

(8) Accelerating force increases on the wheel

(a) Two forces acting on the wheel

(b) Two hand provide firm grip

(c) Couple acts on the wheel y-axis its component along x-axis

(9) Each method to determine angle between two vectors A and B is?

(a) Their dot product

(b) Their cross product

(c) Head to tail rule

(d) Right hand rule

(10) An airplane flies 400m from north and flies 300m from south and then flies 1200m upwards then net displacement is

(a) 1500m

(b) 1200m

(c) 900m

(d) 700m