Multani Mitti Face Masks For Your Dry Skin

Multani Mitti Face Masks For Your Dry Skin

Moisturizing And Lightening Mask

Multani mitti packs regularly abandon skin that is perfect and clear.

Include a couple drops of lemon juice, which help curd that mellows and helps; and nectar that gets the dampness to multani mitti. Along these lines, the multani mitti confront pack will work for dry skin. Abandon it on for fifteen to twenty minutes. wash off with cool water.

Softening and hydrating mask

To two tablespoons of multani mitti, include a tablespoon of drain and a tablespoon of cucumber juice.

Darin has lactic corrosive in it and can both mellow and help skin. You can utilize drain power rather than drain to get similar impacts. Cucumber juice is invigorating and functions as a toner and helps the skin. You can keep a jug of cucumber squeeze in the icebox and utilize it chilled in the face pack to liven up your skin.

Following 15-20 minutes, wash off the pack with cool water and pat dry.

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